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Discover the artistry of taste with Geselle Wines, where elegance and refinement intertwine in every luscious drop. Indulge in Blueberry and Raspberry Red wines, the refreshing Sweet Peach wine, and the celebratory Gold Apricot—each sip, a celebration of sophistication and pleasure. Elevate your senses with Geselle Wine and experience the symphony of flavors that are fine wine.

About Geselle

Inception 2017:
Our journey began with the passion and vision of Donte Campbell and Tiffany Geselle Campbell. Their delectable wine events spoke for themselves, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended. 

March 2018:
A Legacy is Born: The love for wine brought about a new chapter in their lives. Tiffany and Donte proudly released the first generation of Geselle Wine flavors and designs. With enthusiasm and determination, they promoted their newfound love of wine through captivating events.

December 2018:
The First of Many: The warm embrace of wine enthusiasts across the nation welcomed Geselle Wine with open arms. Thousands of supporters joined them on this journey, enabling the offering of their first holiday and event sales, along with beautifully bundled gift packages.

Present Day:
Our Story and Mission Continues to Grow: Today, we stand proud of our remarkable progress and the unwavering support of our valued community. We invite you to follow us on @gesellewine across all social media platforms to witness our continued growth and stay connected with our passion for exceptional wine.

At Geselle Wine, we believe that every bottle of wine carries a story and brings people together. We offer a delightful selection of semi-sweet and semi-dry wines in a variety of captivating flavors. From the luscious Blueberry and Raspberry Red wine to the refreshing Apricot white wine and the celebratory Gold Rush Champagne, our luxurious blends promise to enchant every sense on your palate. Explore the depths of your taste buds and let Geselle Wine be your companion in savoring the moments that make life extraordinary. Join us on this unforgettable journey, and let’s raise a glass to the future!

Artistry of Taste

Gold Apricot

Enjoy the refreshing citrus sweetness of this wine, complemented by a smooth finish, perfect with fish, chicken, salmon, or mild cheeses. Elevate gatherings or celebrations with this wine, adding a touch of sophistication and delight to every moment.

B.L.A.C. Blueberry

Discover B.L.A.C Label Blueberry, evoking memories of sweet Merlot, Sangria, or beloved Port, with a semi-sweet upfront and a mildly dry finish, pleasing both sweet and dry wine enthusiasts. Its bold, juicy, and sweet flavors, make it an ideal companion for steak, lamb chops.

Sweet Peach

Embark on a seasonal sensation that everyone can enjoy, as our wines unravel a taste experience akin to sipping your favorite cocktail straight out of a succulent peach! Our customers talk about the sheer pleasure it brings, making it an absolute must-try in your wine journey.

Red Raspberry

Indulge in this delightful, sweet/tart, medium-bold red, reminiscent of your favorite Rosé and sweet red blush. It pairs perfectly with vegan meals, curry, chicken, and sharp cheeses, and the natural aphrodisiac of raspberries ensures this bottle is perfect for fun-filled moments.

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